The overarching context

RUAG develops trailblazing innovations and internationally sought-after, cutting-edge technology in the fields of aerospace and defence. Based on strong ethical beliefs and historically rooted in the Swiss army, RUAG combines outstanding technological expertise with a high degree of foresight and responsibility. Thus it helps create and safeguard the main pillars of prosperous societies: security and progress.

What makes RUAG unique in our customers’ minds?

At RUAG, we make it our business to understand our customers’ needs. We listen and learn every step of the way to create technology solutions that work. By delivering consistently high-quality and reliable performance, we generate the value that keeps our customers coming back.

In short:

We listen to make it right.

We stay to make it real.

A promise you can trust.

When you enter into a business relationship with RUAG, we will listen to you, find the right solution for you, and stay with you through thick and thin.

Urs Breitmeier, CEO Ruag

Brand positioning

The compass rose of RUAG

Our brand positioning wheel is the blueprint of our identity, defines the different dimensions of our brand and gives us clear orientation.

Knowing our brand is knowing our spirit and culture. In the following section, you can learn about the organisation and the people that shape this culture.

The RUAG profile

The pillars of success

At RUAG, there are about 8,100 committed and skilled staff driving forward the technologies of tomorrow in production locations across Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, France, Austria, Hungary,  Australia and the USA to name a few. RUAG has five divisions: Space, Aerostructures, Aviation, Ammotec and Defence. RUAG employees are at home in all dimensions of outstanding technology on the ground, in the air and in space.

Our brand, in this context, is central to our strategic management and sets our people, skills, branches and locations on a clear course towards common goals.

The three strategic key areas of RUAG

The RUAG corporate strategy is based on the three key areas: “combining civil and military applications”, “focusing on core business” and “international growth”. By offering high-end goods and services for civil and military use and utilizing the growing synergies between them, the RUAG Group develops its core business and creates growth in America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Thus RUAG is able to improve its market position in a competitive environment and efficiently fulfil its fundamental mission of supplying and maintaining technical systems for the Swiss Armed Forces.

Our brand is a decisive factor in implementing this strategy and reaching our ambitious growth targets.


Success stories

The narrative thread of RUAG: 100% mission success