The RUAG brand design

To give you a quick head-start, we have summarized the five most important elements of the RUAG brand design in our ‘Take Five’ Design Elements Manual. With the manual, you always have on hand what you need to ensure that our brand and product marketing remains consistent and compelling. Because, as you will see, a strong and concise brand design may be subtle, but it is never complicated.

The RUAG logo

A bold and unconventional statement

The wordmark RUAG always appears with the claim “Together ahead.” Together they form the distinctive RUAG logo and are an inseparable unit with regard to appearance and content. Our claim contains our promise in a nutshell, emphasises the value we place on collaboration and mutual success and communicates openness and accessibility visually and content-wise. The robust and nearly impregnable wordmark appears like a rock in the surf and evokes trust and reliability. Together they assertively convey the RUAG promise internally and externally and pave the way into the future.

The RUAG colours

A unique, powerful signal

A distinct colour signal is essential for clear recognition. We use a strikingly fresh and optimistic color combination that clearly differentiates us from the competition. Beyond the mere aesthetics, our colours reflect essential traits of our brand personality. Blue is the colour of clarity, rationality and reliability. Deep purple is associated with high energy and human aspects. In ancient times, purple was the emperor’s colour and it still signifies high military ranks today.

RUAG Deep Purple

Pantone 259
CMYK 55/100/0/10
RGB 110/30/130
HEX #6e1e82

RUAG Sky Blue

Pantone 2995
CMYK 90/5/0/0
RGB 0/170/225
HEX #00aae1


CMYK 0/0/0/0
RGB 255/255/255


CMYK 0/0/0/100
RGB 0/0/0
HEX #000000

The RUAG typography

A typeface against facelessness

Like our colours, our typography breaks with the usual conventions of technology corporations who usually communicate preciseness and accuracy with the same sober, straight-lined typefaces that have a filigree line-width. Corporate E, our corporate typeface, stands in opposition to this somwehat sterile appearance and makes a bold, humane statement. Like our claim «Together Ahead», Corporate E expresses a personal and down-to-earth attitude. With its characteristic serifs, it stands stable and expressively contrasts functional, technical typefaces. Set in the deep purple, Corporate E underpins our personal and independent approach.

To request the licensed Fonts Corporate E and Frutiger please use ITOS (for internal use only):

The RUAG layout principle

A strong framework

The layout of our communication media is characterised by a visual bracket that consists of striking messages and our logo. These elements correspond to each other in colour and typography. This simple yet effective visual principle reinforces our brand’s strong visual identity and recognition factor.

The RUAG messages and key visuals

A convincing dialogue

Our messages are preferably set in two lines to reflect a dialogic principle. The two lines follow a question and answer format and present the customers’ needs and how RUAG fullfils them. Combined with strong, large imagery of successful moments, the messages communciate RUAGs brand promise relevantly and emotively.